ROGER FEDERER SERVE | How Roger Federer Starts On His Serve

Share Roger Federer Serve: The Starting Position  The Roger Federer serve is a thing of beauty and this shot is one of the best tennis serves in the history of tennis. One of the greatest things about the Roger Federer serve is that he is become completely relaxed before he starts his motion. The Roger […]

TENNIS NUTRITION | Why You Need To Avoid Milk

Share Tennis Nutrition: Avoid Cow’s Milk Are you ready for another fun video lesson to help you with your tennis performance? Well, I’ve got a tennis nutrition tip for you that’s going to make a huge difference and help you improve your energy levels. And we’re going to talk about one food you absolutely must […]

TENNIS SERVE | How To Jump On Your Tennis Serve

Share Tennis Serve: Jumping At The Right Time Today we have a tennis serve video analysis about jumping and exploding up the ball with your legs. Timing when you hit the ball is key, but countless recreational players jump and make contact at the wrong time on the tennis serve. In this video lesson, you’ll […]

TENNIS SERVE | Video Analysis With A Simple Tip To Relax On Your Tennis Serve

Share Tennis Serve: Tension Causes Poor Racquet Drop In this video, you’re going to see how I break down the tennis serve of recreational player that wants help on his serve. The key concept that you will see clearly in this tennis serve analysis is that this player doesn’t have a good racquet drop position. […]

PROFESSIONAL TENNIS LIFE | A Time The Airlines Lost My Luggage In India

Share Professional Tennis Life: I Lost My Bags You may think that the professional tennis life is very glamorous. 

Well, after playing on the ATP tour for 11 years, I can tell you first hand that it’s not always all that it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, being a living the professional […]

TENNIS SERVE VIDEO ANALYSIS |Trophy Position Video Analysis

Share Tennis Serve: Master The Trophy Position In this video, you’re going to see how I break down the tennis serve of a young gifted female player. I break down multiple elements of the tennis serve, but one aspect to pay attention to is the all important trophy position. The trophy position of the tennis […]

John McEnroe| Practicing With Johnny Mac

Share John McEnroe: Intense In Practice I’ll never forget that day in Central Park when Mahesh Bhupathi and I practiced with the legend, John McEnroe. I’m sure when you hear the name John McEnroe, you out can just imagine his incredible talents and fiery personality. I experienced his ultra competitive nature first hand, back in […]

HOW TO SERVE |Serve Video Analysis On How To Serve

Share How To Serve: Watch The First Move Check out today’s video where I break down the serve of a committed player that wants to improve how to serve. This player could improve a few areas on his technique, but I want you to pay particular attention to the first move. The video analysis starts […]

TENNIS APPROACH FOOTWORK | Use The Carioca Footwork On The Slice Backhand Approach

Share Tennis Approach Footwork: The Carioca Keeps You Moving Forward Today we are talking about your tennis approach footwork on the slice backhand. There are a few different footwork patterns to use on the slice backhand approach shot. Today I want us to focus on the carioca tennis approach footwork pattern. The reason I love […]

TENNIS FITNESS | Use The Glute Bridge To Play Better Tennis

Share Tennis Fitness: Activate Your Glutes The glute bridge is a great exercise for tennis players to incorporate into their tennis fitness training. It’s an exercise that can open up your hips, which tennis players desperately need. You can also improve your posture by keeping your shoulders down and wide when you perform this exercise. […]