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"See Exactly How You Can Win More Matches And
Play The Tennis You Deserve To Play Without Having To Follow
Traditional Tennis Tips That Flat Out Don't Work!"


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What’s Inside The Member Area?

Regular Video Lesson Updates So That You Are Always On The Leading Edge Of The Best Solutions For Your Tennis Game

Easy, Follow Along Videos With Simple Tips That Help You Create Your Own Technically Sound Strokes Even If You Have Struggled For Years

Technique Videos Covering Every Stroke And The Solutions That Flat Out Work Every Time

Voiceover Analysis Detailing Exactly What You Need To Do For Success With All Your Shots

Tennis Tips And Lessons Hardly Any Coaches Or Players Know About That Can Instantly Help Your Consistency And Power

All Videos For Right Handed And Left Handed Players…So That Any Player Can Learn Easier And Faster

Discovering The Most Unique Ways To Move On The Court In Any Situation And With Any Stroke

Freeze Frame And Slow Motion Video Analysis Breaking Down The Footwork Patterns That Can Improve Your Balance And The Quality Of Your Shots

A Complete Breakdown Of How To Hit Specialty Shots That Most “Traditional” Coaches Don’t’ Even Know And Can’t Teach

Quick And Easy Mental Toughness Strategies To Help You Play Loose And Relaxed In Those Tight, Nail Biting Matches

Strategy Tips That Will Help You See Your Tennis Game From A New Perspective

Nutrition Secrets To Show You What Foods To Eat and What Foods To Avoid

And Much, Much More!


Perfect for the iPad and iPhone!

Take your tennis training to the next level…
The videos play beautifully on your iPad and iPhone
so you can easily take them on the court with you and
learn as you practice.

Jeff Salzenstein and World Number #1 Doubles team, Mike and Bob Bryan


“Total Tennis Training Testimonials”

I have known Jeff from his earliest years in competition from the Intermountain Division. From the first time I saw Jeff, I realized he was a very special player. Throughout his junior years of tennis, including number #1 in the nation as a 12-year-old, he was the smartest, most intelligent competitor in the junior ranks that I have ever seen. Jeff now brings all of his intelligence and experience to the world of coaching. He has become an inspiration for so many players and will leave a similar wake as he pursues his passion for coaching. Jeff’s combination of experience, intelligence and insight will enable him to achieve extraordinary success as a coach.
Dr. Jim Loehr, World Renowned Performance Psychologist and Co-founder, Human Performance Institute

Jeff Salzenstein is a rare breed of coach: one who is both high skill and high-motivation. Throughout his career as a player and as a coach, he’s gone to great lengths to seek out the best in the business to learn not only for the sake of tennis improvement, but also to put him in a position to offer tremendous amount of help to players who want to improve their own tennis games, their health, and their quality of life. It’s been my pleasure to call him not only one of my students, but also one of our friends and colleagues.”
Eric Cressey, President, Cressey Performance - Boston, MA
I think Jeff is the best online tennis teacher in the world. I discovered Jeff through his instructional videos on Youtube and since then we’ve done about ten hours of online lessons. I’m amazed how much I learn exploring videos of my game in detail with Jeff…”
Brandon Adams, Adult 5.0 Player
“Jeff Salzenstein is one of these people you dream of meeting in your lifetime. I have been lucky enough to have him come into my life at a very important stage. He has so much to offer, so much give and so much to learn from. Every second you spend with Jeff is incredibly productive and incredibly fun. His approach to tennis, physical wellness, nutrition and spiritual wellness is one of sheer passion and love that is guaranteed to produce positive results and positive change. He is an absolute expert in all of the above fields and continuously strives for excellence. With my tennis, he has taught all the proper footworks and movements that help me move more efficiently or as he calls it, “to move like a dancer.” His approach to the game is very simple and very artistic with a lot of it based around images, feelings and mental visualization. Jeff is as much of a genius off court as he is on court. The amount of knowledge he has on nutrition and physical wellness is just unbelievable. His band workouts have given me such relief and strength in every part of my body which have helped me perform at my optimum level anytime I walk on the court. He has showed me multiple exercises to strengthen my ankles, hips, lower back and shoulders and is always willing to explain to me how they work. I believe his pool workouts are the best recovery method anyone can do after a tough session which will leave you feeling loose, supple and ready for another session the next day. He is very easy to work with, fun to be around and someone we can all learn from. I believe he is one of the best tennis coaches in the world as he is able to help anyone on so many different levels…
James McGee, Irish Davis Cup Player and ATP Touring Professional


Total Tennis Training Inner Circle



Inside Total Tennis Training, you’ll get:

Module 1:

T3 Lessons (VALUE $397)

First off, you’re going to get regular weekly Total Tennis Training Lessons valued at $397. In this module, I am going to teach you one specific concept that can dramatically help you tennis. Every week is a new stroke, a new shot, a new footwork pattern, or anything else that we feel can help you with your tennis. Often, we will use real I’ve students that have real questions and problems like you. And we are going to solve any challenge you are having. You can feel very confident that you can always learn and improve with me giving you new lessons every week

Module 2:

T3 Technique (VALUE $197)

First off, you’re going to get the Total Tennis Training Technique Videos valued at $197. In this module, I am going to cover every stroke from head to toe. All of the key technical concepts that can fix any shot are right here. You will see videos that will help your grip, start, first move, contact, finish and balance. This is where you start to build your foundation to play winning tennis.

Module 3:

T3 Footwork (VALUE $197)

You’re also going to get the Total Tennis Training Footwork Videos valued at $197. In this these videos, you will see every conceivable footwork pattern that you can use to help you with your tennis. You will see how to deal with balls in all areas of the court. Middle, lateral, transition, defense, volleys, returns, serves, and much, much more. This module is second to none when it comes to showing you how to move properly on a tennis court. And you will see that these footwork patterns will give you so much more than the same mumbo jumbo you hear from coaches that just tell you to move your feet.

Module 4:

T3 Fitness (VALUE $197)

You’re also going to receive regular updated weekly tennis fitness workouts that will really help you improve your fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, range of motion. the Total Tennis Training Workouts along with our comprehensive Fitness Library is valued at $197. I personally endorse all of these effective workouts and exercises. You will discover all the valuable exercises you will need to be a successful tennis player. You will not have to worry about dong any exercise that could be harmful and increase your chance of injury. Instead you wil learn the tricks and tips that will reduce endurance and make you a better athletes so you can play your best tennis,. You will see cutting edge exercises in the areas of injury prevention, strength, flexibility, conditioning, core training, resistance bands and much, much more.

Module 5:

T3 Bonuses (VALUE $197)

You are also going to get the Total Tennis Training Bonus module valued at $197. You will receive awesome interviews with experienced experts from different tennis training fields which is going to really help you play better tennis and win more matches. You will also see on court tennis lessons that I personally give to players. It will be like you are right there with me every step of the way. In addition you will receive nutrition tips on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. And that’s not all you will get mental toughness tips that can get you believing in yourself and feeling more confident when it counts. This bonus module will make such a huge difference in your game.




“More Total Tennis Training Testimonials”

“I am still amazed at how quickly my strokes improved with Jeff Salzenstein.”

I am still amazed at how quickly my strokes improved with Jeff Salzenstein. He has a unique system of teaching tennis which gives his students of all levels the tools of the pros. He details a breakdown of each shot, so now I know what to do from start to finish. He explains exactly what the footwork should be for going to and recovering from each ball. He shows different checkpoints the body should be in at the finish, so I can self-check that I am doing everything correctly, or figure out what I am forgetting to do if my shot is failing me. Once a student masters Jeff Salzenstein’s teaching of how to hit each shot and how to move, he/she can hit any shot, anywhere on the court. Now, when I watch the pros, I can pick apart their strokes. I keep finding myself saying, “hey, I do that now!”

Kelly Tilmanis, Portland, OR


“Jeff seeks out the best of the best in every area to help players with their tennis.”

“I have an enormous respect for Jeff Salzenstein as a coach. Jeff seeks out the best of the best in every area to help players with their tennis. He has tested his beliefs on himself and discovered what works best to help players improve as quickly as possible. He knows more about nutrition and sports rehabilitation than most experts in those fields. In addition, he is a kind, loving and gentle spiritual giant. He is a man of character and integrity, a wise teacher, and a generous friend.

Susan Hooper, Ph.D., D.C. Marietta, GA


“Jeff is the best teacher in the world I have ever met.”

Jeff is the best teacher in the world I have ever met. I have been working with him for several years and with his help I have watched my game flourish. I feel so confident that if encounter difficulties with my tennis Jeff will always be able to help me fix it due to his massive amount of knowledge and expertise.”

Max Roder, High School State Champion


“Jeff is an expert in all areas of tennis, whether it be nutrition, technique, mental skills on the court, or conditioning.”

“I started working with Jeff a little over a year ago and was amazed at how quickly he transformed my game. He is always looking for ways to help players improve. Jeff is an expert in all areas of tennis, whether it be nutrition, technique, mental skills on the court, or conditioning. I like working with him because I’m always learning something new. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to work with a coach as knowledgeable as Jeff Salzenstein.”

Luke Whalen


“It is amazing the level of improvement I see with my daughter’s tennis game after only working with Jeff for less than 1 month.”

It is amazing the level of improvement I see with my daughter’s tennis game after only working with Jeff for less than 1 month. In this short time, he has transformed my daughter’s forehand and I also have people complimenting my daughter on her serve and Jeff just started working on her serve (it’s not even a finished product yet). The reason for such quick improvement is Jeff’s unique ability and talent to break down all the key Modules of a stroke (including footwork and balance) and explain it in a way my daughter can understand it (orally and visually through the use of video) and then identify which portions of her stroke need to be changed or improved upon. However, Jeff doesn’t stop here as he works to understand each student’s uniqueness and what feels good and natural to the student . . . in other words, he doesn’t build tennis “clones,” but promotes individualism while incorporating good form and technique. Lastly, Jeff teaches based on direct experience as a former top 100 ATP professional so his philosophy is not based on theory but on what practically works to be successful at the highest level and there’s very few coaches in the world that can speak from that level of personal experience.”

Harry Hollines


“I just wanted to say thanks for all of your videos, you have a genuine way about you and I have referred several players and friends to your site.”

“I have been following your video’s now for about a month or so and have noticed a big difference….

I started playing tennis at the age of 16. Nor myself or my parents had the slightest clue. My parents invested with several coaches who turned out to be more in it for the money and at the end of the day had not improved my game.

By the age of 25 I reached the top 30 in Canada strickly through will. I am 31 now and feel that I have not lived up to my potential.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your videos, you have a genuine way about you and I have reffered several players and friends to your site.

Thanks again.”



“I just wanted to say how much your videos motivated me to continue working hard to reach my potential on the tennis court.”

“My name is Pete. I play NCAA division 3 tennis for a small liberal arts school in Virginia. I am a junior and play 1 singles and 1 doubles. I came across some of your videos while surfing the web. I just wanted to say how much your videos motivated me to continue working hard to reach my potential on the tennis court. Ultimately, my goal is to become a Singles All-American by the end of this season and go deep in the NCAA tournament. Hopefully, I can follow in your footsteps and have the type of success you did in college tennis.”



“I think your e-mails and almost daily tips are fantastic. They are relevant, cutting edge, interesting and food for thought.”

“I have been teaching tennis for almost 40 years in Long Island NY. I think your e-mails and almost daily tips are fantastic. They are relevant, cutting edge, interesting and food for thought.
Keep up the great work!”



“I feel connected with your method and strategy of analysing every aspect of the game, to the very detail.”

I am always receiving your e-mails and watching those videos lately. Your work is very unique at the way you see tennis and share it. I feel connected with your method and strategy of analysing every aspect of the game, to the very detail. 
I know your work can help many players at all levels with the approach to teaching that you share… and can work for anyone, so I would recommend your website to anyone who want to become a good player. “



“Tennis has become incredibly fun again. Jeff is the consummate teacher with an incredible eye for detail. A 4.0 player on my way to 4.5″

“In the short time I have been working with Jeff Salzenstein, tennis has become incredibly fun again. Playing tennis is fun not just because I am winning more matches, but also because I have learned and am using many of the same techniques that the pros use.
As a player in my mid-to-late 30′s, I was originally concerned about trying to learn new shots and techniques, but Jeff’s unique approach to the teaching focuses on what’s important and what makes an immediate impact. Jeff is the consummate teacher with an incredible eye for detail. If you’re a tennis player with an open mind and desire to take your game to the next level in a short period of time, I give Jeff Salzenstein’s Total Tennis Training my highest recommendation.”

Neal Stewart


“Jeff Salzenstein teaches not only how to execute the stroke but answers even the “minutiae” questions so you understand why the stroke should be
preformed that way.”

“Jeff Salzenstein teaches not only how to execute the stroke but answers even the “minutiae” questions so you understand why the stroke should be preformed that way.

Jeff focuses on feeling the stroke but explains the Kinetic mechanics within the stroke so you understand why you should execute that way.

He understands what it takes to “re-program” muscle memory and shows you how.

For seniors, like me, this is invaluable. I have experienced immediate results in practice and with Jeff’s insight, have been able carry the changes over to my matches!

He’s able to translate his top 100 ATP experience to players of all levels.”

Jeff McCalmon, Denver, CO


“But What If Total Tennis Training Doesn’t Work For Me?”

I’m going to give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if for some reason you try Total Tennis Training and it doesn’t help you improve your tennis. Just ask for a refund, and I’ll give you your money back. No hassles. No questions asked.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Total Tennis Training!

That’s right! If you’re not satisfied with the INCREDIBLE RESULTS Total Tennis Training delivers to you, you can get your ENTIRE investment back, down to the last penny.

And you have 30 days to ask for the refund.

If at anytime, you decide after the first 30 days that you don’t want to keep improving your tennis forever (I am very confident this won’t happen because of the incredible value I will deliver as your coach and because of your commitment to improving), you can easily cancel your membership and never pay another dime again. It’s that simple.

The bottom line is that I know Total Tennis Training will work for you. It will give you the results you desperately want for your tennis game. And if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply send an email to our help desk at and your refund will be fully processed.

So take advantage of this incredibly bold offer I have just given you, and get ready to give your tennis game, and yourself a wonderful gift by becoming a part of the Total Tennis Training family today:


just $29.95 $19.95 a month

You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime


Think about this for a second…if you really put your mind to it, studied every tennis book under the sun, watched every tennis DVD out there, invested in coaching from world class players and coaches, and practiced for years honing your skills then maybe, just maybe, you could develop your own tennis system youself …it would probably take 30 plus years to unlock the SECRETS that I DISCOVERED that are in the REVOLUTIONARY Total Tennis Training Members Area.

I am going to be brutally honest with you…it would be almost impossible to develop such a program on your own.

I know this because I understand what I had to go through and where I had to search to find the answers for you.

If you would prefer to:

  • Skip all that work
  • Rely on the fact that I already did ALL the work for you
  • Start getting results NOW with the proven and effective Total Tennis Training system.
  • Do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed for 30 days.
Then this is DEFINITELY going to be one of the EASIEST decisions you’ve ever made..


just $29.95 $19.95 a month

You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime


You’re going to LOVE the decision you’ve made today. I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing tennis results!

Committed to your tennis success,

Jeff Salzenstein
Former ATP Top 100 Player
USTA High Performance Coach
Stanford All-American and National Champion

P.S. Don’t forget… you have a 30 Money-Back Guarantee, there is absolutely ZERO risk when you try the Total Tennis Training today!

Either the T3 Inner Circle delivers and you get the tennis results you desire and deserve, or you get your entire investment back. Period. End of story.

Now if you feel even a hint of hope that Total Tennis Training might work for you and that it will take your game to ridiculously high levels, then you owe it to yourself to simply try it out today, with absolutely NO-risk and a heck of a lot to gain!


P.P.S. Do you have some questions? Well, let me take care of that for you!


Q: What is the Total Tennis Training Inner Circle?

A: Total Tennis Training is the brand spanking new, revolutionary program developed by me, a 2 Time All-American at Stanford, a former world class top 100 ATP singles and doubles player and USTA High Performance Coach. It contains the blueprint to develop as a tennis player, and I cover every aspect of training on and off the court. You are going to get regularly updated lessons that will directly help YOU improve. What sets this inner circle from anything else out there is that you are going to discover EXACTLTY HOW to play with better tennis skills. The guess work has been taken out because I am confident I have your tennis solutions. Your tennis solutions are simple now that you will be getting the RIGHT information in the Inner Circle. I know you are going to ABSOLUTELY LOVE the T3 INNER CIRCLE. In this system, you will learn the best techniques, the best footwork, the best specialty shots, the best drills, the best nutrition tips, and the best mental toughness strategies. Plus, you will get bonus interviews, lesson, and raw footage. This program has been strategically designed to help your tennis game in the SHORTEST time possible.


Q: How is Total Tennis Training different from other programs?

A: Well, first of all, I haven’t seen anything like what is in the T3 Inner Circle before. The content is revolutionary and blends old school with new school strategies and tips. You aren’t going to see the “traditional” tennis tips that you see on other tennis websites and that frankly don’t work for most players and coaches. Total Tennis Training IS the GO TO tennis instruction system available today especially because these lessons will work for EVERYONE. There is no end to the learning when you let me be your coach. Regardless of your age or ability, you will learn something new everyday and actually be able to apply these concepts because they REALLY work.

Here is what I can tell you…the knowledge shared in this program comes from real live in the trenches playing and coaching experience. It comes from my own tennis failures and successes. It comes from my own intense study of all the best on and off court tennis training in the world. It comes from all the golden nuggets I discovered from working with some exceptionally gifted coaches inside and outside the sport of tennis.

It’s all here for you.

I am very confident…

1. Total Tennis Training is going to work incredibly well for you.

2. Other tennis coaches might just copy this Total Tennis Training concepts within the next few years.

So you can wait for them to try to copy these lessons someday (but we both know it will never match up to the original), or you can get the most powerful tennis training lessons ever created straight from the original developer of this very POWERFUL system.


Q: How long will it take to improve my game? I have a lot going on in my life (school, friends, family, etc.)

A: Total Tennis Training is designed to help you right away. Some players improve their game INSTANTLY with this tennis system…for other players it may take a little longer. But I guarantee that if you study the videos in T3 Inner Circle and take action, your game will improve. I also know that you can actually improve DRAMATICALLY just by watching my teachings on video.


Q: Will Total Tennis Training work? I have never been that gifted at tennis, and it seems to come very hard to me.

A: The great news is that regardless of your ability level you can improve your tennis. From beginner to pro, the T3 Inner Circle modules will challenge you and teach you how to play better tennis using on and off court tips and lessons. I also give you easy to follow cues that players can use to improve. Coaches can utilize them as well into their own coaching to create fabulous results for their students. The idea is for all students to improve FAST in the SHORTEST amount of time possible.

So even if you’re tennis is not where you want it to be right now, you STILL will receive specific, tangible tips that WILL work for you right now. Just start off focusing on the lessons I share with you in the T3 Inner Circle Modules and you will notice tremendous progress in no time flat.

If you are already playing great tennis, you can still benefit immensely from being a part of the T3 Inner Circle family. Remember, the right information and the right actions are the key to tennis success. And we will always be updating T3 with new tips for every type of player.

Make now mistake…every player from every level gets results from T3.
This program POWER PACKED with exciting, fun, and beneficial lessons and tips.Basically, the results are waiting for you when you jump inside the members area.


just $29.95 $19.95 a month

You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime


Q: How much will I need to practice on court to improve using the Total Tennis Training system?

A: That will vary depending on the player. Some players require more time on court. But the real key is the QUALITY time you spend practicing the concepts I teach you on and off the court. You see, you can actually get better by spending less time on court if you practice the right skills. There have been many players that have jumped multiple levels and have acutely transformed their tennis by playing very little. They watched our lessons, did some shadow strokes and saw their games soar to new heights. That is the incredible power behind this system.


Q: What if the program doesn’t help me improve my tennis?

A: Then it’s all on me. It’s completely FREE. You have 30 full days to devour all of the training and if you don’t feel I have delivered TONS of tennis value, then you can ask for a refund and we will give you every penny back. There is absolutely NO risk to you. It is ALL on me!

I KNOW the Total Tennis Training works and I am confident you will improve with me as your coach. I have worked tirelessly and passionately of this moment to help YOU and I have watched this tennis system transform the games of other players time after time. forehands

But I also “get it” that buying something on the Internet and not knowing me personally might still leave you just a wee bit skeptical. But I want you to know I understand. I have been in your shoes.

So, to make this a complete no-brainer, risk-free opportunity for you, here’s what I’m going to do: for each and every player who joins the T3 Inner Circle, I’m going to make sure you get our Iron-Clad, Lifetime Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee.

You will have 30 days to test drive the T3 IC and see how awesome it is.

If you follow our tips and strategies in the T3 Inner Circle exactly as prescribed in the modules that have been laid out and don’t find your tennis improving FASTER than it ever has, just contact me and I’ll refund your money. I wil give you a FULL 30 days to test drive the our Inner Circle. It’s really that simple.

And we’ll happily respect your request for 30 days; we’re so confident in our system that we know this will be the place for you.

We stand by our tennis system as the most effective, cutting-edge information out there, and if it doesn’t give you results in the first 30 days, you get your money back. No questions asked, no hassle, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund.

Believe me, I am so excited about this system that all I want is the opportunity to prove to you that it works. Sure, some players will take advantage of this generous money-back guarantee. But, I’m not worried about them…I am worried about helping you!

Take advantage of this incredible system because the price will be going up VERY soon and you’ll miss out on this opportunity.

If, at any time during the first 30 days, you aren’t thrilled with Total Tennis Training, you’ll receive a full refund. You literally have nothing to lose.

If you decide to cancel after 30 day, no problem. You can simply cancel your subscription (which would be a shame because of how much you will be improving) and you will never be charged again.

Just click the button below, and you’ll have instant access to Total Tennis Training. But hurry! This membership offer might not be around for long.


just $29.95 $19.95 a month

You can cancel your monthly subscription at anytime

Jeff Salzenstein

Jeff Salzenstein
Phone: 1.877.204.3512
Address: PO Box 22732 Denver, Co, USA 80222


NOTE: Total Tennis Training is an online membership site. No physical products will be shipped.
After you order, you will gain Instant Access to the Total Tennis Training Inner Circle.