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"Who Else Wants To Discover The REAL Secrets To Your Serve And How To Transform It Into One Of Your Biggest Weapons By Following A Proven Step By Step Formula That Really Works "


“Preparing To Serve Big At The US Open 2003”


“Bringing Heat And Getting Some

Air Time At The French Open In 1997″

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What’s Inside The Member Area?

The Complete Step-By-Step Blueprint To Dramatically Improve Your Serve

Easy, Follow Along Lessons That Systematically Break Down The Serve So That It Is Easy To Understand, Learn, And Progress Regardless Of How Much You Have Struggled Over The Years

Clear Technique Lessons And Technique Voiceovers That Will Help You Understand EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Serve

A Total Breakdown Of The Various Grips To Use And How To Hold The Racquet That Will Improve Your Feel, Power, And Control (Most Coaches Don’t Know This Information)

 Left Handed Serve Video Demonstration Breakdowns To Make It Easier For Leftys To Model Great Serving Technique

 BIG TIME BONUS: “How To” Progressions Videos Giving You A Done-For-You Formula With Drills To Use So You Can Master All Types Of Serves

Extra Special Slow Motion Serve Videos Captured On A High Speed 120 Frame Per Second Camera By None Other Than’s John Yandell. Every Serve Angle Is Covered…Back, Side, And Front.

A Comprehensive Drill Library Giving You New Ways To Swing Your Racquet, Move Your Body, And Create Rhythm On Your Serve.  These Drills Will Help You Discover And Use The Correct Motor Patterns The Pros Use.

Bonus Interviews With Some Of The Top Coaches, Players, Doctors, And Trainers In The World Of Tennis Providing You With Valuable Insight Never Heard Before Anywhere

 Discover The Main Reasons Pete Sampras Had Arguably The Best Serve Of All Time

 Learn The Importance Of The Trophy Position For Top Notch Serving And How You Can Practice It The Right Way Every Day.

Discover The “Big Ideas” That Most Coaches Don’t Know And Simply Can’t Teach. If You Are Looking To Have An “A-Ha” Moment With Your Serve, The Tennis Serve Secrets “Big Ideas” Will Give You The Knowledge You Are Searching For

MORE Bonus Serve Videos On Where To Aim, Where To Stand, How To Recover After The Serve, And Good Routines To Start The Point Off With So You Can Serve Your Best Everyday

Learn The Importance Of The Off Hand And Arm For Your Serve And Why You Need To Focus On It Often

And Much, Much More!


Perfect for your Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices!

Take your serve training to the next level…
The videos play beautifully on your laptop, iPad and iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices
so you can easily take them on the court with you and learn as you practice and play.

Jeff Salzenstein with John Yandell after winning the Aptos Challenger 2003

“Powerful Serve Testimonials”

Jeff has dissected my serve from every angle and deserves all the credit for making that change with me!”

“Being able to actually serve awesome himself and coach all the methods he learned is extremely rare!  I know I am learning from the right person! Jeff has dissected my serve from every angle and deserves all the credit for making that change with me! Thru many intense on court and off court sessions, video analysis, shadow strokes, and body position awareness exercises, I have been able to learn EXACTLY what areas of my serve I need to improve. Thanks, Jeff for transforming my serve and continuing to give me the guidance I need!

Michael Rubin, ATP Professional Tennis Player

Jeff has done a phenomenal job in providing parents and junior players with all the necessary tools to quickly develop a powerful, winning serve.”

“Our son Nicholas was just a tennis novice at the age of nine. Since meeting Jeff, just a year ago, he climbed to #1 in Boy’s 10 in Colorado and #71 in Boy’s 12 in the Intermountain section. Jeff has done a phenomenal job in providing parents and junior players with all the necessary tools to quickly develop a powerful, winning serve. His great tennis mind combined with the most brilliant insights gleaned from the top players along with his own unique experience helps Jeff create a simple, intelligent, and teachable format that makes kids learn quiccker than we ever thought possible.”

Vlad & Natalia Svichar, parents of Nicholas Svichar
“A lot of people can play, few can teach — Jeff is the real deal!”

A lot of people can play, few can teach — Jeff is the real deal! As someone who started late in life and played for 5 years with a couple years off due to injuries from various sports caused by poor teaching methodology, I feel confident that I’m going to improve each month and will get the pro service motion I seek — thanks to you Jeff!”

Fay Kelley, Figure Skating Coach
“He helped me make very minor adjustments to my service motion and grip, but I was able to have great results immediately.”

“I was fortunate to spend some of my 2012 pre-season working with Jeff and learning from him. One area of my game that we spent a good bit of time on was my serve. He helped me make very minor adjustments to my service motion and grip, but I was able to have great results immediately. He helped me adjust my grip in such a way that allowed me to get more pronation on my serve which lead to a lot more power and also helped me straighten my tossing arm which resulted in a much more fluid and balanced motion. The serve is arguably the most important shot in tennis and Jeff has really mastered it. If you ask anyone who played on the tour with Jeff what his main strenghs were, they will tell you he had one of the best serves out there.”

James McGee, ATP Pro And Irish Davis Cup Player
Jeff breaks everything down to the minute detail that you need – and don’t get from other teaching pros. Jeff also gives you the drills to help form new motion habits.”

“At my age, trying to unlearn old muscle memory and learn the motion performed by most of the Tour Pros is more of a journey than a short term process, but it is a blast! Jeff breaks everything down to the minute detail that you need – and don’t get from other teaching pros. Jeff also gives you the drills to help form new motion habits. His is the most efficient service motion I have found. You also learn why the pros do what they do. Heck, just the forearm-wrist snap he taught me gave me an extra 10 mph. Jeff’s serve instruction is simply the most informative and best. I know my dream will come true!”

Jeff McCalmon, Adult 3.5 Player
“Jeff’s unique perspective on tennis training allowed him to transform my serve in less than 15 minutes.

“His attention to detail combined with his creative visualization techniques took my serve to the next level. Something that had frustrated me for months was fixed in a matter of minutes. Thanks Jeff!”

Taylor Lawton, Adult 4.0 Player
Even more interesting is that the pro at our club said there is a difference between “night and day” on my serve.  Just in one lesson!”

“I was amazed at the level of detail you provided in the 2 1/2 hours we spent together. No other teacher has spent more than 20 minutes on my serve. The most pleasing piece of the lesson is that I have maintained the positive changes on my serve for the past two months. Not only do I get more spin and power, but I don’t experience any pain while serving. I have also noticed and my teammates have noticed that my first serve “takes off” after it hits the court. I am holding serve in league play much easier now. And 4.5 players who use to get my first serve back with no problem are now lunging and barely getting it back. Even more interesting is that the pro at our club said there is a difference between “night and day” on my serve.  Just in one lesson!

Thanks so much for your quality instruction.”

Todd, 4.5 Player, Cincinnati, Ohio
3 small changes and 15 minutes later he had me serving 10-20mph faster with less effort.”

“I played Div 1 college tennis and am still playing 5.5 and Open USTA league tennis. I came to Jeff with one mission: to put some velocity on my serve. 3 small changes and 15 minutes later he had me serving 10-20mph faster with less effort. What’s more is my shoulder no longer hurts if I go after a bad toss. I’d say that was worth the price of admission!”

David Smith, Clinic Owner Director of San Francisco Egoscue Method
6 months after starting with Jeff, my daughter is serving better than ever with dramatically improved form and technique”

“When my daughter (11 yrs. old) starting working with Jeff, she had that basic “pancake style” serve that is quite common among younger junior tennis players. What separates Jeff from the rest of the coach is that breaks down each individual component from the beginning and does not allow the player to move to the next component without mastery of the previous component. 6 months after starting with Jeff, my daughter is serving better than ever with dramatically improved form and technique (a complete switch from a pinpoint to platform serve which is practiced by many of the biggest servers in the game), she can hit aces and win tournaments now. Her serve is based on proper form and technique which Jeff taught her by being able to break down the stroke to a series of single components and add each new component at the appropriate time.”

Harry Hollines, Father of Mariella Hollines


The Tennis Serve Secrets System


Inside The Tennis Serve Secrets, you’ll get:

Component 1:

TSS Technique Lessons

(VALUE $197)

First off, you’re going to get the Tennis Serve Secrets Technique Lessons valued at $197. In this powerful Module, you will get the complete breakdown on how to fix your grip, start, stance, first move, toss, trophy position, legs, racquet drop, contact, and finish.  There are over 100 lessons in this detailed module where no stone is left unturned. These game changing lessons will uncover all the details you need to master your serve and develop it into a weapon.  Discovering the most efficient way to serve (in righty and lefty format) will give you the tools to serve bigger and better than ever. I lay out my systematic technical approach in a series of informative lessons that you can practice as long as you play tennis.

Component 2:

TSS Technique Voicover Analysis

(VALUE $197)

You’re also going to get the Tennis Serve Secrets Technique Voiceover Analysis Lessons valued at $197. This is where I breakdown all the technical elements of the serve using John Yandell’s high speed footage of my delivery.  You will get my in depth analysis on each technical component.  This module alone could be it’s own comprehensive training course. The correct information and attention to detail is absolutely unmatched anywhere else, and you will get to learn by listening and watching a technically proficient serving action from all different angles. Once armed with this deep understanding of the serve, you be confident and ready to practice the right concepts so you can keep improving.

Component 3:

TSS “Big Ideas”

(VALUE $97)

You’re also going to get the Tennis Serve Secrets Big Ideas valued at $97. There is so much information in this entire serve course, it can feel a bit overwhelming for some players.  I realize there is a lot to cover and that’s why the Big Ideas Module was created for especially you.  You will get the Master Keys for serving success….the foundational concepts that will help you truly “get” what great serving is all about. If you ever feel confused, you can come to the Big Ideas module and review these serve lesson videos so that you can refocus on what is important to improve your serve.  These are some of my most powerful videos that provide your road map for serving success.

Component 4:

TSS Super Slow Motion Videos

(VALUE $197)

You’re also going to receive the Tennis Serve Secrets Slow Motion Videos valued at $197. I’m going to break down the entire serve, step by step in super slow motion details. You get to watch every details of the serve from many angles where you can absorb what great serving looks like.  These are slow motion videos of my serve, both in righty and left versions shot personally by John Yandell of  John is one of my mentors when it comes to the serve and his great camera work is captured in these videos. You are going to totally learn by watching without any sound in the background. Each component of the serve is demonstrated clearly do you can pick out the elements of the serve you need to improve.  

Component 5:

TSS Drills

(VALUE $97)

You’re also going to receive the Tennis Serve Secrets Drills valued at $97. Imagine having every drill you could possible ever want to help you with your serve. We have brought them all to you so you can easily download the essential drills to help you and take them with your to the court.  Whether you want more spin, power, rhythm, better technique, or anything else involving the serve, there is a drill for you to perform.  You will now be able to coach yourself by using these special serve drills to develop all aspects of your serve. This is one of  the missing ingredients required to solve the backhand puzzles that’s not covered by most coaches.

FREE Bonus #1

“How To Serve Progressions”

$197 Value, FREE!

Your first free Tennis Serve Secrets bonus is the TSS “How To Serve Progressions” valued at $197. This absolutely powerful bonus could be it’s own product alone. There is so much value in this section, I don’t even know where to begin.  You will receive the step by step blueprint to develop different aspect of your serve.  If you are a complete beginner, or you want a more topspin, more kick, more slice, more power, more speed, better jumping, the complete progression plan is here for you.  There is so much to this bonus, and I am very confident you will love all the drills and concepts you will learn here.

FREE Bonus #2

“Trophy Position Magic”

$97 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get the Trophy Position Magic Lesson valued at $97. In the Trophy Position Magic bonus lesson, we will break down everything that goes into finding and feeling this all important foundational position.  There is so much to the trophy position and if you don’t know what to look for and how to do it, you will never solve your serve without a world class coach’s eye and experience guiding you.  This lesson will open your eyes to what you need to do and what you can do to learn this magical position that will unlock your serve potential.

FREE Bonus #3

“Bonus Serve Videos”

$97 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get more free Bonus Serve Videos valued at $97. I wanted to deliver EVEN more value to you and give you lessons on proper serve positioning, movement after the serve, how to aim tot he right targets, and much, much more. You want to make sure that you have all facets of the serve covered. We left no stone unturned to give you more serve tips and lessons to support your serve transformation. There are some big time serve tips in this bonus section for you.  Just one of these bonus serve video lessons can change everything for you and get you where you want to go with your serve.

FREE Bonus #4

“Serve Case Studies”

$97 Value, FREE!

Next up, you’re going to get the TSS Case Studies valued at $97 absolutely free today. This section breaks down the serves of several players I have had the opportunity to work with on their serves.  You will get a behind the scenes play by play analysis on what I look for when fixing a serve and how I solve various problems.  You will learn a ton from following these serve breakdowns because you will be able to take the information and apply it to your own serve. This is very powerful bonus that you are going to absolutely love.

FREE Bonus #5

“Jeff’s Serve Story”

$97 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get the my complete Serve Story valued at $97. In this 35 minute power-packed interview done on court with my good friend, Andy Zodin, I share my entire serve history with you.  It’s a behind the scenes in-depth look at how I developed my serve from the juniors to college and on into the pros.  You will also discover how I developed my serve philosophy as a coach through years of research and experimentation to put this cutting edge Tennis Serve Secrets system together especially for you. This was a really fun interview to do and I know you will enjoy it.

FREE Bonus #6

“Bonus Interviews”

$197 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get video and audio Bonus Interviews valued at $197. You get to listen to some of the top players, coaches, and trainers in the world share their knowledge and expertise on the serve and how you can make it better.  Some of the notable tennis experts we tapped into were John Yandell, Wayne Bryan, Amer Delic, and Sam Groth. We also heard from off court tennis training experts Eric Cressey, Paul Pisani, and Dr. Josh Renkens, DC. And there are even more information packed interviews in the TSS vault for you. These interviews were flat out awesome. The information shared by these experts was worth the value of this program alone.

FREE Bonus #7

“Serve PDF Documents”

$177 Value, FREE!

And if that’s not all, you will receive the Serve PDF Documents valued at $177 to support your overall serve improvement and progress You will have access to the Serve Evaluation, the Quickstart Checklist, the 6 Week Success Log, and the On Court Note Cards. These documents and checklists will help you track your progress and keep you focused on your goals with your serve on and off the court. There is nothing like having a plan to help you succeed with your serve and these documents can serve as reminders to help you stick to your plan.


“But What If The Tennis Serve Secrets Doesn’t Help My Serve?”

I’m going to give you a 1 Year Money Back Guarantee. If for some reason you try the Tennis Serve Secrets, and it doesn’t help you improve your serve. Just ask for a refund, and I’ll give you your money back. No hassles. Every penny back.

1 Year Money Back Guarantee for The Tennis Serve Secrets!


That’s right! If you’re not satisfied with the INCREDIBLE RESULTS Tennis Serve Secrets delivers to you, you can get your ENTIRE investment back, down to the last penny.

And you have 1 Year to ask for the refund.

If at anytime, you decide in the first 1 year, that you don’t want to keep improving your serve forever (I am very confident this won’t happen because of the incredible value I will deliver as your coach and because of your commitment to improving), you can easily ask for a full refund.  It’s really that simple.

The bottom line is that I know the Tennis Serve Secrets will work for you. It will give you the results you desperately want for your serve  And if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply send an email to our help desk at, and your refund will be fully processed as quickly as possible.  We pride ourselves on having great customer service so you can feel secure in knowing we will do our best to take care of you.

So take advantage of this incredibly bold offer I have just given you and get ready to give your serve, your tennis game, and yourself a wonderful gift by getting the Tennis Serve Secrets today



Think about this for a second…if you really put your mind to it, studied every serve instruction book under the sun, watched every serve DVD out on the market, invested in serve lessons from top coaches and players, AND practiced for years experimenting to see what worked and what didn’t, then maybe, just maybe you could develop your serve into a weapon on your own…

It would probably take 20 plus years to unlock the SECRETS that I DISCOVERED that are in the REVOLUTIONARY Tennis Serve Secrets Program.

I am going to be brutally honest with you…it would be almost impossible to develop such a program on your own.

I know this because  of what I had to go through and where I had to search to find the serve answers for you.

If you would prefer to:

*Skip all that work
*Rely on the fact that I already did ALL the work for you
*Start getting results NOW with the PROVEN and effective Tennis Serve Secrets Program
*Do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed as long as you play tennis.

Then this is probably going to be one of the EASIEST decisions you’ve ever made..



You’re going to LOVE the decision you’ve made today. I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing serve results.


Committed to your serve success,

Jeff Salzenstein
Creator, Tennis Serve Secrets
Former ATP Top 100 Singles And Doubles Player
Stanford All-American and National Champion
Passionate And Dedicated High Performance Coach



P.S. Don’t forget… you have a 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee, there is absolutely ZERO risk when you try the Tennis Serve Secrets today!

Either the Tennis Serve Secrets delivers and you get the serve results you desire and deserve, or you get your entire investment back. Period. End of story.

Now if you feel even a hint of hope that Total Serve Secrets might work for you and that it will take your serve to incredibly high levels, then you owe it to yourself to simply try it out today, with absolutely NO-risk and a heck of a lot to gain!


Q: What is the Tennis Serve Secrets Program?

A: The Tennis Serve Secrets is the  revolutionary serve program developed by me, a 2 Time All-American and National Champion at Stanford University, a former world class top 100 ATP singles and doubles player, and USTA High Performance Coach. I also want you to realize that my serve was very average for a long time.  In fact, it was not until my sophomore year in college that I made a huge breakthrough on my serve through my own experimentation and study of the best servers in the world.

I also kept refining my serve all the way up until the time I began coaching. In fact, at the age of 32 I clocked 136 MPH on the radar gun at the BNP Paribas Open.  The Tennis Serve Secrets contains the blueprint to develop a solid serve for players of all levels. In the program, you will learn the best techniques, strategies, lessons, and drills for the serve. Plus, there are some UNREAL bonuses waiting for you. This program has been strategically designed to help your serve in the SHORTEST time possible.


Q: How is Tennis Serve Secrets different from the other serve programs out there?

A: Well, first of all, most of the other serve programs out there don’t work for most players…maybe a small handful of players actually benefit. Tennis Serve Secrets IS the GO TO serve instruction system available today especially because this program works for EVERYONE. Regardless of your age or ability, you will learn so much and be able to apply these techniques because they just flat out make sense.

Here is what I can tell you…the knowledge shared in this program comes from real live in the trenches experience. It comes from my own failures and successes. It comes from my own intense video study of all the best serves in the world. It comes from all the golden nuggets I discovered from working with some exceptionally gifted coaches.

I am very confident…

1. The Tennis Serve Secrets course is going to work incredibly well for you.

2. Other tennis coaches might just copy this Tennis Serve Secrets program within the next few years.

So you can wait for them to try to copy this program someday (but we both know it will never match up to the original:) or you can get the most powerful serve program ever created straight from me.


Q: How long will it take to improve my serve? I have a lot going on in my life (school, friends, family, etc.)

A: The Tennis Serve Secrets is designed to help you right away. Some players improve their serve INSTANTLY with just a few tips from the program…for other players, it may take a little longer. But I guarantee that if you study the program and take massive action, your serve will improve BIG TIME.


Q: Will the Tennis Serve Secrets work for me? I have never been that gifted at tennis, and it seems to come very hard to me.

A: The great news is that regardless of your ability level you can improve your serve. From beginner to pro, this program will challenge you and teach how to do the appropriate drills and exercises on a regular basis to develop your serve into a weapon. I also give you easy to follow tips that anybody can do. The idea is for all students learning the serve to improve FAST in the SHORTEST amount of time possible.

So even if you’re serve is not where you want it to be, and you are feeling frustrated, NOW you will receive specific detailed coaching that WILL work for you and your serve at this very moment. Just start off focusing on the concepts and drills revealed to you in Tennis Serve Secrets, and study the techniques required to improve your serve. You will be truly amazed at the progress.

If you are already hitting blistering serves, and you feel your serve is your best shot, let me share a little secret with you.  There is always room for improvement. There are so many benefits to owning this program. You can always learn a new tip in the Tennis Serve Secrets and any updates I make in the future are all yours…FREE of charge.

Most coaches might want to charge you extra for updates.  Not me, I am all about delivering HUGE VALUE and helping you get better. And the quickest way to improve your serve is to follow this program and make your technique rock solid for as long as you play tennis. A dominating serve that works for you is right around the corner.



Q: So do you think this program is going to be too complicated?

A: The Tennis Serve Secrets is straightforward and organized in such a way that you can choose what areas to tackle first so that you can improve your serve QUICKLY.

Inside, you’ll find each module laid out for you so that you can pick and choose what to focus on. If you need TECHNIQUE help, you can go to that module and study the lessons and the voiceovers. If you feel overwhelmed and need to understand the key concepts to practice, be sure to check out the BIG IDEAS module which will break down the key points we have identified to help players most with the serve.. If you want to study my serve in super slow motion from many  angles, go to the SLOW MOTION module.  And we also have you covered in the drills department.  The DRILLS module has all the drills you could ever hope to practice to keep improving. Plus, there are tons of other fabulous bonuses waiting for you inside the members area.

The value packed BONUS module contains the comprehensive ‘How To Progressions” section,  the “Trophy Position Magic” lessons, “Serve Case Studies” with real live students, my own personal “Serve Story,” “Interviews With Top Experts” and Serve PDF Documents that include a quickstart checklist, a serve evaluation, a 6 week success log, and on court note cards. Plus, there even more bonus lessons on pre point strategy, targets, serve position, serve recovery, and much, much more. You’ll find this program POWER PACKED with exciting, fun, and beneficial lessons and tips to make your serve a true weapon.

Basically, the results are waiting for you when you dive into the incredible Tennis Serve Secrets content.


Q: How long will it take to get results?

A: This program was created to help you dominate with your serve as QUICKLY as possible. I am confident the results will happen fast when you take massive action.

You’ll likely see your BIGGEST gains when you focus on one concept until it becomes totally natural for you. Focus on those BIG IDEAS and practice the drills that go along with it and you will be blown away by the progress.


Q: For the Tennis Serve Secrets program, how much will I need to practice on court?

A: That will vary depending on the player. Some players require more time on court to improve. But the real key is the QUALITY time you spend practicing the serve concepts in the Tennis Serve Secrets program.  You see, you can actually get better faster with LESS time on court if you practice the right stuff and do a lot of shadow strokes and static hold positions.  That’s right, shadow strokes and static hold positions.  Just 5-10 minutes per day of the right shadow strokes and learning to hold the right positions I outline in the program, will make all the difference in the world.


Q: What if the program doesn’t help me improve my serve?

A: Then it’s all on me. It’s completely FREE. There is absolutely NO risk to you because I want you to benefit from the program.  In fact, I want to know how I can make Tennis Serve Secrets the best program for everyone so even though I know it’s already an awesome serve course, I will always be open to suggestions.  At the end of the day, you want a coach that is open minded and willing to make improvements to help you.

I do KNOW the Tennis Serve Secrets works. I have lived the ups and downs as a player with my own serve.  I have studied the best of the best information out there. I have felt what it was like to return the serves of Pete Sampras, Andy Roddick, and Roger Federer. Through a lot of trial and error, I literally transformed my own serve with the EXACT strategies I will show  you. And as a coach, I have witnessed the incredible success players have experienced with their serves when they follow the Tennis Serve Secrets concepts. This course is so very POWERFUL, and I know you can benefit tremendously.

And by the way, I also understand that buying something on the Internet and not knowing me personally might still leave you just a wee bit skeptical. I want you to know I understand, and I want you to be skeptical until you actually try Tennis Serve Secrets and see the game changing results for yourself.

To make this a complete no-brainer, risk-free opportunity for you, here’s what I’m going to do: for each and every VIP member (you are a VIP when you buy Tennis Serve Secrets), I’m going to make sure you get my Iron-Clad, 1 Year Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you follow Tennis Serve Secrets exactly as prescribed in the materials and components, and don’t find your serve improving faster than it ever has, just contact me and I’ll refund your money. It’s really that simple.

We’ll happily respect your request for 1 year from the time you invest in the Tennis Serve Secrets. But I am confident you will love the  this program and will get results as long as you practice the lessons and strategies outlined in this serve system.

We stand by our serve program as the most effective, cutting-edge serve system out there, and if it doesn’t give you results, you will get your money back. No hassle, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund.

Believe me, I am so excited about this program that all I want is the opportunity to prove to you that it works. Sure, some people will take advantage of this generous money-back guarantee and download the videos and then ask for a refund. But, I’m not worried about them…I am focused on helping you with your serve because I am true coach at heart!

Take advantage of this very special discount because the price will be going up VERY soon, and you’ll miss out on this opporunity.



Jeff Salzenstein

Jeff Salzenstein
Phone: 1.877.204.3512


NOTE: The Tennis Serve Secrets is a downloadable online course. No physical products will be shipped.
After your order, you will gain Instant Access to the revolutionary Tennis Serve Secrets program