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How To Solve Tennis Elbow, Part 3 |

How To Solve Tennis Elbow, Part 3

How To Solve Tennis Elbow, Part 3

In today’s video I get down and dirty with some effective corrective exercises to help you open up your shoulders and take the stress of your elbow.

Many tennis elbow injuries are caused by shoulder dysfunction.

Tennis Elbow: Tennis Tips

Incorporate these exercises into your warmup and cool down routine and see how much looser and relaxed you feel when you swing the racquet.

I hope you like these tennis tips and apply it to your daily routine.

Tell me if you think these exercises will help you prevent injury and play better tennis.

Play great tennis,



Hey there, Jeff Salzenstein here.  Inside this video today, we’re continuing our series.  We’re talking about elbow problems and tennis elbow and how you can alleviate it.  And we can talk about technique on how you can improve that.  We’ve got band training that can help you with shoulder traction and we also have the magic stick which is a concept of improving the soft tissue quality in your forearm area around your elbow.

Today, I want to talk about corrective exercise.  And what I mean by corrective exercise is there are many exercises that you can do to improve the function of your joints.  In today’s video, we’re going to talk about the wall slide and a couple of other exercises.  In the wall slide, you’re basically just standing almost in a touchdown position, and you are practicing improving the function of your scapula and those are the shoulder blades that usually get out of whack when you play a lot of tennis.  This type of exercise can be done up against the wall.  Not only it will improve the function of your scapula but it also improves your posture and your alignment.  And that’s really what you want — you want to have better balance and alignment especially in your shoulder area so that it can take pressure off of the elbow.

Now, if you don’t have access to a wall, you certainly can do this on a tennis court and just pretend like you’re up against the wall.  So you want to go ahead and do that exercise.  You also want to do some other exercises where you actually improve the range of motion in your shoulder, you can do different types of shoulder circle exercises that we’re showing in this video as well and just a host of other things to improve the function of your shoulder that you can do, that you can strengthen your shoulder and your upper back and help to get rid of that elbow pain that’s being caused because there’s just too much tension, too much force, too much stress on the elbow because your shoulder is not working properly.


Okay.  So you can see here that I’m doing some arm circles but these aren’t just basic arm circles  I’ve got my thumb facing forward and then now I have my thumb facing backwards as I’m doing these arm circles.  So it’s really changing the angle the way the shoulder is working and really opening up the shoulders there.

Here, we’re going to be doing some bigger arm circles.  Again, thumbs forward and thumbs back.  You really want to crank your thumb in both directions and just feel your shoulder girdles opening up, and these are some great exercises you can do to warm up even as a cool down and it can alleviate the pain in your elbow when your shoulder starts to work a lot better.

Now in the next exercise, basically I’m just holding a big ball over my head and I’m retracting my shoulder blades up and down.  I basically just made up this movement because I know that if I move my shoulder in different ways, I can improve the function of the shoulder.


So, I advise you to go ahead and try some of these exercises.  Again, do not do it if it hurts.  The last thing I want is for you to have more injuries or to feel worse when you do exercise.  So always take that into consideration.  You want to stay away from pain but you also want to improve your strength and your range of motion without being in pain.

So hopefully you enjoyed this video and we’ll talk to you soon.


Jeff Salzenstein


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