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"Discover How You Can Develop Your Forehand Into A Massive Weapon That Your Opponents Absolutely Fear By Learning The Little Known Forehand Secrets Used By The Pros...Guaranteed"


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What’s Inside The Member Area?

3 Step Proven Forehand Technique Formula That Flat Out Works Every Time

Easy, Follow Along Videos That Help You Create Your Own Technically Sound Forehand Even If You Have Struggled For Years

Step-By-Step Visual Presentations That Take You By The Hand To Make Learning A Solid, Bulletproof Forehand Easy And Fun

A Special Sneaky Grip Trick That Hardly Anyone Knows And Can Instantly Help Your Consistency And Power

Super Bonus For Left Handed Players: Lefty Videos So That You Can Learn Easier And Faster If You Are A Lefty

High Value Bonus: Audio Interrogation With High Performance Tennis Coach, Joseph O’Dwyer, On The Secrets Of The Forehand

A 6 Week Success Log That Will Help You Stay On Track And Reach Your Forehand Goals

A Simple “Before And After” Forehand Evaluation To Instantly Help You See Where Your Forehand Is And How Much It Improved After Practicing The TFS Concepts

Little Known Forehand Drills To Teach You The Most Efficient Muscle Memory For A Dominant Forehand

The Clever Forehand Footwork Secrets That Will Instantly Improve Your Balance And Movement Around The Court

On Court Note Card Reminders To Keep You Focused On The Right Forehand Tips At All Times

And Much, Much More!

Perfect for the iPad and iPhone!

Take your forehand training to the next level… The videos play beautifully on your iPad and iPhone so you can easily take them on the court with you and learn as you practice.


Jeff Salzenstein: Jeff Salzenstein and World Number #1 Doubles team, Mike and Bob Bryan

“Forehand Testimonials”

Even More Proof! Real Players. Real Forehand Results. And Really Happy with the Tennis Forehand Solution!

The best endorsement I could ever receive as a coach is the feedback I get from committed tennis players and coaches who have experienced the POWER of the Tennis Forehand Solution. I am humbled by all of the amazing feedback we have received and the true transformations we have received. Checkout the screenshots from the Facebook comments that have come our way.

“My first lesson with you really opened my eyes to what was possible with my forehand.”

“My first lesson with you really opened my eyes to what was possible with my forehand. It was very different than anything I had seen before but so effective, and it just made sense. You immediately showed me the importance of using my “off hand” correctly to improve my forehand. You also taught a few other little known secrets that have helped dramatically, and now I am able to see that a lot of players have problems because they do not know about them. I had never heard these tips from other coaches. It made such a big difference right away! I love the system that you teach, and I can apply the basic techniques to multiple shots. It just works so well. I am also able to easily correct my strokes during play. I am so excited to keep learning.” Irina, Adult 4.0 Player

“Jeff has helped me take my forehand to the next level. He is my all-time favorite coach and mentor.”

“Jeff has helped me take my forehand to the next level. His theory on the hand turn has helped me significantly and I now know how to fix my forehand on the days that my timing and game isn’t at its best. My forehand was good when I came to Jeff, but he has helped me taking it even higher that I could imagine. He is my all-time favorite coach and mentor….” Division 1 Male Player

“My form, power and accuracy have all improved, and I can now dictate points with my forehand.”

“I am 19 years old and now playing Division 3 college tennis. I was able to make the jump from high school to college tennis because of the improvements I made following Jeff’s program and specifically what it has done to strengthen my forehand. My form, power and accuracy have all improved and I can now dictate points with my forehand. I strongly recommend Jeff’s program to anyone who wants to have a solid forehand….” Division 3 Female Player

“I can now hit with more consistency and power with less impact on my arm.”

“As a result of a few lessons with Jeff, my forehand stroke has materially improved from the technique that I had previously used for 20 years. I can now hit with more consistency and power with less impact on my arm….” Paul McPheeters, Adult 4.0 Player

“I’m 13 and I’ve been taking lessons with Jeff for 1 year, and my forehand has improved dramatically.”

“I’m 13 and I’ve been taking lessons with Jeff for 1 year and my forehand has improved dramatically. Jeff teaches the same technique used by the pro’s but now my forehand stroke actually feels simpler and easier to control. Now I load my forehand much faster. It has made me a much more confident player and more competitive in matches. Once you learn Jeff’s techniques, it makes tennis a lot more fun.” Travis, 13 Years Old

“Your program has done wonders.”

“Your program has done wonders. Especially when the match gets tense, letting go of the racket helps me loosen up and I develop so much more velocity on my shots. I’m so amazed at how much the little hints has so much of an overall impact on the outcome of my forehand. Thanks again.” Jin Oh

“It works like magic. It was worth every penny that I spent.”

“I recently bought your TFS, and I started to use in your first step that the string facing the back fence. I can’t tell you the difference. By the way I changed my grip too the SW. It works like magic. Thanks, Jeff. It was worth every penny that I spent.” Tom

“It has really improved my power and consistency on the forehand. This is a great program.”

“This is a great program. It has really improved my power and consistency on the forehand. And last time I played I hit a couple of buggy-whip forehand winners that really surprised my opponent (and maybe myself a little).” Bhagirath Katbamna

“Your TFS is a terrific program. It is helping me get much better consistent depth and control.”

“Your TFS is a terrific program. It is helping me get much better consistent depth and control. I am trying to exaggerate keeping my head down as I have a tendency to peak at my target too soon and consequently misshit, especially after long rallies.” John Newton

“The very first time I went onto the court after starting to watch your program, my forehand was already better.”

“Hi Jeff, I love this stuff! The very first time I went onto the court after starting to watch your program, my forehand was already better. And I am just coming off a two year layoff from an elbow injury! You are right on the money! Thanks.” Curt

“Turning my hand much better and have really improved my balance…”

“I broke the top 50 in the world with a pretty good forehand, but after meeting Jeff and working with him as my coach, I know that my forehand can become an even bigger weapon. Turning my hand much better and have really improved my balance…the concepts in the Tennis Forehand Solution are amazing. I am turning my hand much better and have really improved my balance especially at the end of shots. I am so excited to make my comeback on the WTA Tour and get back into the Top 50 with a huge forehand!” Vasilisa Bardina, Former Top 50 WTA Touring Professional


The Tennis Forehand Solution


Inside The Tennis Forehand Solution, you’ll get:

Component 1:

(VALUE $37)

First off, you’re going to get the JS Tennis System Presentation valued at $37. You will get the opening presentation to the tennis system I have personally developed from 30 years of experience and intense research as a player and as a coach.

I created this system from years of playing, coaching, and studying the most efficient ways to learn tennis and I share my knowledge with you in this presentation. I lay out my systematic approach that you can practice as long as you play tennis.

Component 2:

(VALUE $37)

You’re also going to get the Tennis Forehand Solution Targets Presentation valued at $37. In this presentation, I go through the importance of targets and where to aim on your shots. What I share with you may just be very different than what you’ve been told before by traditional coaches.

I am going to show you exactly how the pros really aim and how implementing just a few of these target strategies can transform your forehand overnight.

Component 3:

(VALUE $97)

You’re also going to get the Tennis Forehand Solution Technique Presentations valued at $97. Once you listen to these presentations, you’ll get my complete blueprint on the technical aspects for total forehand success.

I break down the three technical steps to rip awesome forehands. The amazing part is that learning solid technique is not as complicated as you have been led to believe.

Component 4:

(VALUE $97)

You’re also going to receive the Tennis Forehand Solution Footwork Presentations valued at $97. I’m going to break down the 6 most important footwork patterns that you must develop to have a great forehand before you can advance to the next level. These footwork patterns will help you develop a super solid foundation. When you learn these precise footwork patterns, you will have a new awareness of how to move and how to feel balanced when you hit your forehand.

In the Technique and Footwork Presentations, I’m also going to include several secret tricks to practice and master that you have probably never heard before and had no idea how important they are to the success of your forehand.

Component 5:

(VALUE $57)

You’re also going to receive the Tennis Forehand Solution Technique Manuals valued at $57. These manuals will break down each technical component of the forehand – the grip, the start, and the finish. These manuals will support the technique presentations and will give you the flexibility to choose the best format for you to learn.

Component 6:

(VALUE $57)

You’re also going to receive the Tennis Forehand Solution Footwork Manuals valued at $57. In these manuals, I break down each footwork pattern you’ll be learning in the Tennis Forehand Solution System. Just like the technique manuals, these footwork documents will support the footwork presentations and give you another tool to improve your forehand.

You can print these technique and footwork manuals out and carry them in your racquet bag if you run into any immediate problems with your forehand while you’re on the court.

Component 7:

(VALUE $97)

You’re also going to get the Tennis Forehand Solution Video Demonstrations valued at $97. I have included my best forehand video lessons so you can see exactly what you need to do to build a solid forehand for life. Watching these video lessons will show you the quickest way to ripping awesome forehands.

Component 8:

(VALUE $57)

Now, if that’s not all, you’re also going to get the Tennis Forehand Solution Left Handed Demonstration Videos valued at $57. If you are left handed, breathe easy knowing that I remembered you. You see, I am left handed too. So I know what it feels like to be left out.

In this one of a kind program, I have included left handed forehand demonstration videos to make it easier for you lefties to learn. I want everyone to have a chance at getting their forehand just right.

FREE Bonus #1

“Forehand Evaluation”
$25 Value, FREE!

Your first free Tennis Forehand Solution Bonus is a the Forehand Evaluation valued at $25. With this bonus, you will have the chance to evaluate and rate exactly where you are with your forehand today, and you can reevaluate how much your forehand has improved after just 6 weeks.

FREE Bonus #2

“QuickStart Checklist”
$57 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get the QuickStart Checklist valued at $57. This QuickStart Checklist will help you identify the best plan for your forehand success. This checklist will help you prepare your own customized program using the Tennis Forehand Solution System.

This bonus is going to take you by the hand and get you totally focused in the right direction by helping you set up your weekly schedule and get you clear on your goals. You will leave no stone unturned when you fill out your QuickStart Checklist.

FREE Bonus #3

“Racquet Bag
Note Cards”

$25 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get another free bonus, the Racquet Bag Note Cards valued at $25. I really like this one. You can easily take these handy pocket-sized note cards on court with you. It will be really easy to keep these cards in your racquet bag and pull them out at a changeover if you feel lost with your forehand.

These note cards have the secret tips to keep you focused on the magic forehand keys while you are playing. They are an invaluable tool to help you avoid getting distracted by other thoughts that are holding you back from playing winning tennis.

FREE Bonus #4

“6 Week Success Log”
$77 Value, FREE!

Next up, you’re going to get the 6 Week Tennis Forehand Solution Success Log valued at $77 absolutely free today. This 6 Week Success Log will help you track your daily progress every step of the way. The players that have the most success are those that log their progress so that they can stay motivated to follow through with their plan.

It is easy to get sidetracked on and off the court, but the Success Log will keep you focused so that you can learn exactly what you need to do to keep ripping forehands day after day.

FREE Bonus #5

Forehand Audio”

$77 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get the Tennis Forehand Solution Breakthrough Forehand Audio valued at $77. In this 35 minute power-packed audio, I go through exactly how I discovered this system through years of research, experimentation and my own mistakes to put this cutting edge system together especially for you. You will hear the coaches I worked with that helped me unlock the forehand secrets that you will receive when you invest in this program today.

In addition, you will hear how I discovered the best secrets for creating the ultimate forehand by studying video, watching match DVDs of the best players in the world, and studying how the best players practice.

FREE Bonus #6

“Joseph O’Dwyer
Coaching Call”

$77 Value, FREE!

You’re also going to get the Joseph O’Dwyer Interrogation Audio for free and that’s valued at $77. I personally interviewed Joseph O’Dwyer, one of the best unsung coaches in the world and one of the gifted coaches directly responsible for helping me break the Top 100 in the world for the first time at the age of 30. Joseph shared his insight with me on his coaching philosophy and how he creates awesome forehands for any level of player that he works with. This interview was unreal. The information shared by Joseph is worth the value of this program alone.

FREE Bonus #7

“Forehand Technique Video Drills”
$87 Value, FREE!

And if that’s not all, I’ve got special Forehand Technique Drills for you that is valued at $87. You will discover the unique forehand drills that can help you with your forehand technique immediately. Most coaches do not even know these special drills, and even if they do, you may only have time to learn one or two of them in one private lesson.

You get these special drills that you can practice at your own pace as often as you like. You can keep coming back to review them time and time again in the members area.

“More Forehand Success Stories”

“Although I subscribed only recently several of your pointers were extremely helpful in immediately impacting my forehand.”

“Although I subscribed only recently several of your pointers were extremely helpful in immediately impacting my forehand. Your method of analysis demonstrating problems and solutions along with providing the rationale for making changes is extraordinarily helpful. Thank you for helping in improving my game.” Paul Rose

“I am so blessed to have the TFS package, it is amazing!”

“I want to share my experience so far after watching the TFS videos. I have been studying the videos and everytime I go to the court and work with the junior program in my club I feel so happy to apply all of your teachings in those videos…it is so good, it has opened my mind about coaching tennis…I have been teaching tennis for about 5 years and until now, I see how important technique is after watching your videos…. It is amazing!!! I am so blessed to have the TFS package, it has been such a blessing, you have no idea Jeff…Thank you sooo muchhhh, I can’t thank you enough for this incredible package.” Maria

“The big benefits I get from your instruction is the understanding that tennis is about the details. Your program just plain works.”

“It is very different than any other tennis instruction I have taken in the past few years. The way you break down the forehand in very precise moves, positions and adjustments is so incredibly effective. The big benefits I get from your instruction is the understanding that tennis is about the details, and the small fundamental changes your teach have made a huge and immediate difference in my game and my confidence. The bottom line is you are able to distil and effectively communicate successful techniques in brief, extremely clear and precise bites of tennis knowledge based on the thousands of hours of professional match play experience you have and your study of the game over these many years. Your program just plain works.” Paul

“Thank you so much for the Tennis Forehand Solution! I can’t believe how drastically I’ve been able to better my forehand, with just slight technical changes.”

“Thank you so much for the Tennis Forehand Solution! I can’t believe how drastically I’ve been able to better my forehand, with just slight technical changes. I started by focusing on keeping my off hand flat and having my palm turn in instead of towards the net, and I instantly became more competitive with the people I was hitting with. My forehands became more solid, reliable, consistent…I still don’t understand quite why, but I’m definitely going to stick with it! I just started doing the hand turn, and my forehands have much more spin. My shots are dropping inside the baseline instead of 6 inches out, and I can hit the ball harder. I have more confidence in my forehand because it keeps doing what I want it to do. Thank you so much for the tips! I’ve also been able to pick out a number of pros who are doing the hand turn. I guess I just never noticed. This boost in improvement is something I’d hoped for, but I never thought it could come so easily. Okay, next up for me is footwork!” Kelly Tilmanis, Portland, OR

“But What If The Tennis Forehand Solution Doesn’t Work For Me?”

Then It’s ALL FREE.

And just to show you how much I believe in this program and the amazing forehand results it’s going to give you, I’m going to do something today I’ve NEVER done before — something 99.9% of all other coaches would never consider doing.

1 Year Money Back Guarantee for the Tennis Forehand Solution!

That’s right! If you’re not satisfied with the INCREDIBLE RESULTS Tennis Forehand Solution delivers to you, you can get your ENTIRE investment back, down to the last penny. And you can ask for that refund for up to 1 Year. Most tennis coaches out there might offer a 30-Day or 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on their programs, which is fine…but I feel it leaves some doubt about whether the product will deliver for you. What do you think? If the program is so great, why is there such a short refund period on their courses? The Tennis Forehand Solution is GUARANTEED FOR 1 Year. I am very confident it will work for you. It will give you the results you so desperately want. And if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply send an email to our help desk at info@www.jeffsalzensteintennis.comand your refund will be fully processed. You can even keep the product…it really is that simple.

So take advantage of this incredibly bold offer I have just given you and get ready to give your forehand, your tennis game, and yourself a wonderful gift by trying the Tennis Forehand Solution today:

Only $197 $97

Think about this for a second…if you really put your mind to it, studied every tennis book under the sun, watched every tennis dvd out there, invested in coaching from world class players and coaches, and practiced for years honing your skills then maybe, just maybe you could develop your own forehand system for yourself…It would probably take 20 plus years to unlock the SECRETS that I DISCOVERED that are in the REVOLUTIONARY Tennis Forehand Solution program. I am going to be brutally honest with you…it would be almost impossible to develop such a program on your own. I know this because I realze what I had to go through and where I had to search to find the answers for you. If you would prefer to:

  • *Skip all that work
  • *Rely on the fact that I already did ALL the work for you
  • *Start getting results now with the proven and effective Tennis Forehand Solution program
  • *Do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed for a lifetime
Then this is probably going to be one of the EASIESTdecisions you’ve ever made..

Only $197 $97

You’re going to LOVE the decision you’ve made today. I can’t wait to hear all about your amazing forehand gains you’ll make in the next few weeks!


Committed to your tennis success,

Jeff Salzenstein
Former ATP Top 100 Player
USTA High Performance Coach
Stanford All-American and National Champion

P.S. Don’t forget… with my 1 Year Money Back, there is absolutely ZERO risk when you try the Tennis Forehand Solution today!

Either this program delivers results for you or you get your entire investment back. Period. End of story.

Now if you feel even a a hint of hope that the Tennis Forehand Solution might work for you and truly take your forehand to new levels, then you owe it to yourself to simply try it out today, with absolutely NO-risk and a lot to gain!

P.P.S. Do you have some questions? Well, let me take care of that for you!

Q: What is the Tennis Forehand Solution Program?

A: The Tennis Forehand Solution is the brand spanking new revolutionary program developed by me, a 2 Time All-American at Stanford, a former world class top 100 ATP player and USTA High Performance Coach. It contains the blueprint to develop solid forehand fundamentals that can help players of all levels. In the program, you will learn about the best targets, the best techniques, the best footwork, and much, much more. This program has been strategically designed to help your forehand in the SHORTEST time possible.

Q: How is Tennis Forehand Solution different from the other forehand programs out there?

A: Well, first of all, most of the other forehand programs out there don’t work for most players…maybe a small handful of players actually benefit. Tennis Forehand Solution IS the GO TO forehand instruction system available today especially because this program works for EVERYONE. Regardless of your age or ability, you will learn so much and be able to apply these techniques because they just flat out make sense.

Here is what I can tell you…the knowledge shared in this program comes from real live in the trenches experience. It comes from my own failures and successes. It comes from my own intense video study of all the best forehands in the world. It comes from all the golden nuggets I discovered from working with some exceptionally gifted coaches.

I am very confident…

1. The Tennis Forehand Solution is going to work incredibly well for you.

2. Other tennis coaches might just copy this Tennis Forehand Solution program within the next few years.

So you can wait for them to try to copy this program someday (but we both know it will never match up to the original) or you can get the most powerful forehand programs ever created straight from the original creator.

Q: How long will it take to improve my forehand? I have a lot going on in my life (school, friends, family, etc.)

A: The Tennis Forehand Solution is designed to help you right away. Some players improve their forehand INSTANTLY with my teaching system…for other players it may take a little longer. But I guarantee that if you study the program and take action, your forehand will improve.

Q: Will the Tennis Forehand Solution work for me? I have never been that gifted at tennis, and it seems to come very hard to me.

A: The great news is that regardless of your ability level you can improve your forehand. From beginner to pro this program will challenge you and teach how to get in the right positions to hit awesome forehands. I also give you easy to follow cues that anybody can do. The idea is for all students to improve FAST in the SHORTEST amount of time possible.

So even if you’re forehand is pretty bad right now, you STILL will receive specific guidance that WILL work for you right now. Just start off focusing more on TARGETS or a simple TECHNICAL cue that I give you and you will notice tremendous progress in no time flat.

If you are already crushing your forehand, have practiced the more challenging concepts and mastered all the elements of this program, you can still benefit from this program. Remember, solid fundamentals are the key to success.


Only $197 $97

Q: So do you think this program is going to be too complicated?

A: The Tennis Forehand Solution is straightforward and organized in such a way that you can choose what areas to tackle first so that you can improve your forehand QUICKLY.

Inside, you’ll find each module laid out for you so that you can pick and choose what to focus on. If you need TARGET help, you can go to that module. If you need simple TECHNICAL cues, check out that module. If you need FOOTWORK corrections, there is a section available for you as well. Plus, there are tons of other fabulous bonuses waiting for you inside the members area.

From the “Quick Start Checklist” to the “Breakthrough Forehand Audio” to the “On Court Note Cards” to the “Joseph O’Dwyer Forehand Interrogation”, you’ll find this program POWER PACKED with exciting, fun, and beneficial lessons and tips.

Basically, the results are waiting for you when you jump inside the members area.

Q: How long will it take to get results?

A: This program was created to help you dominate with your forehand as QUICKLY as possible. I am confident the results will happen fast when you take massive action.

You’ll likely see your BIGGEST gains when you focus on one concept until it becomes totally naturally for you.

Q: For the Tennis Forehand Solution program, how much will I need to practice on court?

A: That will vary depending on the player. Some players require more time on court. But the real key is the QUALITY time you spend practicing the concepts on and off the court. You see, you can actually get better faster with LESS time on court if you practice the right stuff and do a lot of shadow strokes.

Q: What if the program doesn’t help me improve my forehand?

A: Then it’s all on me. It’s completely FREE. There is absolutely NO risk to you. It is ALL on me!

KNOW the Tennis Forehand Solution works. I have lived it, and I have seen it transform other forehands in a very SHORT amount of time.

But I also “get it” that buying something on the Internet and not knowing me personally might still leave you just a wee bit skeptical. But I want you to know I understand. I have been in your shoes.

So, to make this a complete no-brainer, risk-free opportunity for you, here’s what I’m going to do: for each and every customer who gets TFS, I’m going to make sure you get our Iron-Clad, 1 Year Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you follow Tennis Forehand Solution exactly as prescribed in the materials and components, and don’t find your forehand improving faster than it ever has, just contact me and I’ll refund your money. It’s really that simple.

And we’ll happily respect your request for 1 Year…we’ll guarantee your results for 12 months.

We stand by our program as the most effective, cutting-edge forehand system out there, and if it doesn’t give you results, you get your money back. No questions asked, no hassle, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund.

Believe me, I am so excited about this program that all I want is the opportunity to prove to you that it works. Sure, some people will take advantage of this generous money-back guarantee. But, I’m not worried about them…I am worried about helping you!

Take advantage of this Special Discount because the price will be going up VERY soon and you’ll miss out on this opportunity.

Only $197 $97

Jeff Salzenstein

Jeff Salzenstein
Phone: 1.877.204.3512
Address: PO Box 22732 Denver, Co, USA 80222


NOTE: The Tennis Forehand Solution is a downloadable online course. No physical products will be shipped.
After you order, you will gain Instant Access to the inside of Tennis Forehand Solution.